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NYC - 4 Months: Young, Fabulous, and Broke

Today marks my 4 month anniversary with the Big Apple. I am what the wise - and slightly annoying - Suze Orman would describe as young, fabulous, and broke. I have seen and experienced a lot over the last few months and a lot of the sage advice I was given by my friends before the move has come in handy. A few observations as I look back on my time here... OK, let’s face it...New York, you are kind of an a-hole. You are what my friend Nicole deems as “hard livin’.” And, I will say – after this summer – I would have to agree with her.

There is a rodent/pest problem and Bedbugs are no longer just a figment from childhood stories. No one recycles. People act like they do, but they lie. It stinks. I constantly get whiffs of puke and trash (thanks for the heads up N). The humidity single handedly caused decline of bangs this summer, and I will always hold that against NY. Thunderstorms in the summer are confusing. I am exhausted. It is loud and crowded all the time. I work late and rarely get a straight 4 hours of sleep. There is construction everywhere and I never understand what is being fixed, it never changes. Getting cross town to meet a friend is terribly inconvenient. You subsequently lose friends on the weekends based on location. People don’t necessarily feed off my overly optimistic personality. Lotta “glass half empty” types. I am broke. I haven’t had a decent burrito since I got here. I was uncomfortably hot this summer and am soon to be unbearably cold this winter. I had to buy an umbrella. And if you know me, you know how I feel about umbrellas.

Now with all of that being said - I would not change a thing and here is why...

You can wear whatever you want and look trendy. No, really...I have been known to couple some very interesting patterns. My impatience has hit a new level here and I love that people embrace that. There are parks everywhere – and each one has it’s own summer celebration. I got to see a John Lennon 70th Birthday tribute in Central Park. The Subway – you never know what you are going to get when the doors shut. There are 8 million people here, but for some reason it still feels like a small town. The Food – I have never eaten as well as I have the last 4 months. Tummy is thankful, waist line has mixed feelings. Brunch, it’s just awesome. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Best part? What is waiting for you on the other side...Grimaldi’s and wine. The fact that I can say bodega here. I can walk everywhere. I haven’t driven in months. Convenience. Everything is delivered. Everything is open. Always. Last Call - 4 AM (that’s a biggie). Cabs – more so the fact that I can actually get one. No two neighborhoods look or feel the same. And whatever feels like “home” to you – there is a neighborhood to make you feel settled. Walking down the West Side Highway and ending up with a bucket of beers with friends at the Frying Pan. Everyone here is from everywhere else making NYC a vibrant, diverse and accepting place. Fashion Week was amazing. ALL of my visitors. The skyline. The Highline. I got to go to the US Open on Saturday and watch it on a big screen in Bryant Park on Sunday. Everyone in NYC has a story and is here for their own reason, looking for something or someone – and that is inspiring. $3 Tall cans on the Staten Island Ferry. I can eat out of carts. I can go to a bar and play bingo with Tranny’s and in the same night see a jazz band next door. Everyone in the NYC Sugar office that have made me feel at home. The people watching is priceless. Museums & their cocktail parties (oh, and the amazing exhibits – from bamboo to human bodies to impressionism to dinos). Did I say the food already?

When I stop for a minute to take a look around – I know there is no place I’d rather be. You are a mixed bag, New York. But, I guess I have always enjoyed a little bit of imperfection in a relationship...keeps it interesting. And, well, I guess that is why I love you, you salty old dog.

Next up? Ali: City By the Bay VS. The Big Apple - revisited.


Longing for Liam, Luna, and Peee-tah

Thanks to Shea I have spent the last 30 minutes in the “capper” - a term my friend Gidgie and I use for minutes spent crying in the handicap stall during work hours due to stress and/or mean hangovers.

Though NYC may have the glitz and glamour – it does not have these 3 beauties.

Click image (or here) to play and hold on to your hankies...


Commonsense Fail x 3

This morning I had not 1, but 3 New York (Blonde) Minutes. These 3 commonsense fails have left me a hot-wet mess this lovely Monday morning.

Standing On Curb: As I am hauling down Park walking to work this morning, I assume the normal position – curbside, waiting to play a little game of Frogger with oncoming traffic. Enter - bus, also hauling down Park. I will let you use your imagination on what happened next. Bus: 1 Ali: 0

White Shirt: Rethink wardrobe options. A white shirt may not be the best choice for the pouring rain. Though, I was getting some additional attention from the construction workers. So, maybe not ALL bad.

Bangs: I might have jumped the gun reviving the bangs for fall. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one with this issue....

See below – Katie and I both clearly losing by prematurely jumping on early fall bangs.


8.4 Million New Yorkers Suddenly Realize New York City A Horrible Place To Live

Thank you Josh for sending. I think NYC is summed up best in this quote, "This place sucks," Manhattan resident Woody Allen, 74, told reporters. "It just fucking sucks." I really gotta get out of here (insert sarcasm here)...

Great article on The Onion today:
8.4 Million New Yorkers Suddenly Realize New York City A Horrible Place To Live
- 'We're Getting The Hell Out Of This Sewer,' Entire Populace Reports

NEW YORK—At 4:32 p.m. Tuesday, every single resident of New York City decided to evacuate the famed metropolis, having realizing it was nothing more than a massive, trash-ridden hellhole that slowly sucks the life out of every one of its inhabitants.

With audible murmurs of "This is no way to live," "What the hell am I doing here—I hate it here," and "Fuck this place. Fuck this horrible place," all 8.4 million citizens in each of the five boroughs packed up their belongings and told reporters they would rather blow their brains out with a shotgun than spend another waking moment in this festering cesspool of filth and scum and sadness.

By 5:15 p.m. there was gridlock traffic on the outbound sides of the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, and the area's three major airports were flooded with New Yorkers, all of whom said they wanted to go anyplace where the pressure of 20 million tons of concrete wasn't constantly suffocating them.

"I always had this perverted sense of pride because I was managing to scrape by here," said Brooklyn resident Andrew McQuade, who, after watching two subway rats gnawing on a third bloody rat carcass, finally determined that New York City was a giant sprawling cancer. "Well, fuck that. I don't need to pay $2,000 a month to share a doghouse-sized apartment with some random Craigslist dipshit to prove my worth. I want to live like a goddamn human being."Click here to read more.


Estee Lauder: More Booths, More Candy, More Fun

Ashley and I rockin' the Sugar Estee Lauder booth.


BlogHer: Workin' Hard For The Money

Let’s just say Sabs and I had the pitch down and it was tight – real tight.

It was a fantastic day, from start to finish. The ShopStyle Table was definitely a hit, between the photo booth, hot tamales, Swedish fish and sweet buttons we couldn’t keep the bloggers away. And don’t even get me started on ShopStyle’s ShopSense program – obviously we know it’s brilliant, but it is nice to have the feeling shared by your target audience.

Sabs and I were brainstorming with every blogger who walked by about how they could implement ShopSense on their respective blogs. Whether you were a mommy blogger, lifestyle or fashion, we had an answer for you.

The day started out with the searching for black dresses on ShopStyle example, ended with Sabs showing an interior design blogger how to outfit her kitchen in all yellow using ShopStyle Home. It sold. Obviously. And let’s just say, I had a few mommy bloggers extremely excited about using the spread maker tool to create back to school looks for their little ones.


New York (Blonde) Minute: Mad Women

Every once in a while I have a blonde moment. Last week at happy hour was one of these times. I wish Nicole was around to have witnessed this, I am sure it would have been added to the soon to be Ali Pfaff book she has been compiling stories for. Truth is, I have "blonde moments" more than every once in a while....

Scene: Kristine is in town. Ashley closed a gigantic deal. We are at happy hour celebrating.

Ali: Kristine, so how cool is this? You know that show Mad Men?
Kristine: Yes, Ali.
Ali: Well I learned a fun fact about that show today. Check it, “Mad” in Mad Men stands for Madison Avenue, where we work! How awesome is that?
Kristine: Ali, you didn’t know that? I just...wow...I just really don't know how to respond to this. I’m calling Nicole.

Kristine immediately called Nicole after event. Apparently, this is a well known New York factoid.

After this event, Katie and I decided to embrace our inner Mad Woman status with era inspired cocktails. 2 Gimlets please, straight up....

And a bonus pic of the Shake Shack. Yum!


I Think We're Going To Need a Bigger Boat...

Frying Pan Friday: Katie and I unwinding - on a boat - after a long week...


NYC Week 2: So, This Feels Like Love...

Dear New York,

When I met you, my heart shook. We have been together 2 weeks now and let me say, I think I love you. Is it too soon to say that? Well, if it is, I apologize – but, I have never been one to hold back my feelings.

There was a time where I didn't believe in love, it was hard for me to think there was really only one perfect person (city) for everyone – but make no mistake, dearest New York, this IS love.

You have style, culture, diversity and an energy I can only attempt to replicate. You make me feel alive, hot, but alive.

I love your accessibility and how you make carrying cash trivial. As you know, I have never liked having the stuff on hand. The fact that even your life line, cabs, take my preferred method of payment – credit – I salute you!

You have already been extremely beneficial when it comes to my waistline, and I thank you for that. The fact that I can walk everywhere with ease is amazing. Also, I appreciate how you include the calories on everything I am consuming – this bodes well for me as well as my skinny clothes tucked away in the back of my closet.

You tickle my taste buds with your extensive cuisine choices – I eat like a queen when I am with you. And I like it. A lot. Brunch, this is one of your most fantastic characteristics. This concept is novel. Genius, really. You have made it possible for me to eat for hours while consuming copious amounts of champagne and I love you for that.

Though, I do miss Jon and Sal who patiently wait for me to walk down Market every morning to greet me screaming about the coming of Jesus whilst asking me for money. New york, you have plenty of your own characters...I'm quite happy they aren't these characters.

I like how I can wear whatever I want around you. I love your style New York, you are sexy. You make me want to do sexy things (eat outside, drink under the stars, etc.), dress sexier (mostly due to the heat), go to sexier places and hang out with your beautiful friends.

Now if we could only do something about your humidity (though your humidity lends to the aforementioned sexiness), bangs and I could possibly take this relationship to the next level...

Today we have our first date on the Subway and I can’t wait to see how you blow my mind. Again. I will meet you at the stop on 33rd and Park. Wear something hot, not that I have to tell you that - you always do New York.

I have so much to learn from you and can't wait to see how our relationship continues to grow.



P.S. I would have posted a pic of us together, but you are gloomy today - so here is an old favorite.


NYC Week 1: Pork Buns, Heat and Shopping, Oh My!

Well, today will mark my first week in NYC and what an amazing week it has been. Lucky for me, I arrived just in time for a record high heat wave. On the news, they keep mentioning potential "rolling blackouts," and not the good kind, like the ones you have on a St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl - I am talking complete loss of power. Lights, not so important. AC, very important.

Today is my 3rd day in the office and I am still at a complete loss as to what to wear. For example, yesterday it was 105 (felt like 1 billion) and today is cooler (like 90), but with torrential down pours - go figure? Here is what I have learned.

Day 1: Skirt, tank-top, light cardigan
Mental Notes: "Ali you are extremely uncomfortable, perhaps you ditch the cardigan tomorrow - or at least wear a short sleeve one. Side note: Pack a deodorant for work"

Day 2: Shorts, tank-top, short sleeve cardigan
Mental Notes: "Since you had to push back your morning brainstorm meeting due to the heat and having to 'regroup' mentally (couldn't focus on anything other than ice water) and physically (sweat), I think you should ditch the cardigan all together tomorrow."

Day 3: A dress that is barely socially acceptable for work or play
Alexis: "There you go, only took you until day 3 to figure it out!"

No notes on today yet, but stay tuned.

In other non-heat wave related news, I have been really taking in NY since I have arrived, here are a few highlights:

1. Pork Buns at Momofuku
2. Drinks at the Pen-Top Bar – Best $18 Stella Artois I have ever had
3. Fireworks over the Hudson for the 4th of July – still may not beat the show my Dad puts on in our cul-de-sac, but close...
4. Went to Brooklyn for the World Cup game, enjoyed a delicious burger and sweet potato fries at Mother’s (not to be confused with Daddy’s down the block)
5. Had a lovely lunch in Bryant Park – pre-heat wave
6. Walked to work, successfully cutting my commute by 1:45. Not too shabby.
7. Went to Rockefeller Center (well J.Crew – which I feel is equally as awesome)
8. Learned the importance of brunch. Embraced leanings and went to Brunch. A lot.
9. Haven't seen a rat (highlight). Saw a cockroach, it was dead (also, highlight).
10. Went to Pastis, had wine - next time will eat food.

Here is Leslie and I on 4th of July, next time will take Ashley's advice and either A. go out of town or B. hit up secret green space in Battery Park City. We had fun though!


Dear San Francisco, It’s not you, it’s me.

Well San Francisco, I am sorry it has come to this, but I must go – I am leaving you. Unfortunately, in what is soon to be your finest of months (weather-wise). One of us had to make the first move, we couldn’t continue down this path forever. I know that you have been wondering what has been happening between us and simply put – I love you, but I am not IN love with you.

Not a stranger to bad breakups (L.A. Circa 2005), I was forced to examine my choice of partners. San Francisco – I have to be honest – my heart has strayed. I have known her for a while, she has been pulling me in her direction, tempting me with her eastern appeal...seducing me with the allure of possibilities – and now, well now, all of the cards have fallen into place.

Our last 5 years together have been – what can only be described as – a whirlwind romance and though you have always made my happiness your top priority, I need more and I have found someone else. So please know San Francisco – it’s not you, it’s me. Before I go, I want to thank you for everything...

Thank you for all of the amazing cocktails we have shared, you have taught me that a good bourbon with good friends can always turn your day around. For all the rainy and cold summers, you made when the sun did shine a magical event. In September – October when you spewed infectious energy, I would constantly renew my love for you.

You introduced me to the Folsom Street Fair, where I learned nothing is impossible or off limits. (Side note: I will not miss this, per se, but in hindsight I appreciate you for what you opened my eyes to). I will miss how you always surprised me with a hot dog at 2am in SOMA (though the causing me a few losing battles on the scale), you are a formidable opponent and I will accept your bacon wrapped challenge any day.

How you blessed me with an introduction to Roger at Zushi Puzzle, with his tantalizing concoctions, I will dream of you. And how could I forget Hog Island, were we shared so many sunny days and so many bakers d’s. You will be missed.

Last but not least, my home within you – the San Francisco Sugar Office, I will miss you dearly. Thank you for making me a home the last 3 years, I will do my best to make you proud from the eastern seaboard and can’t wait until we meet again.  

Now San Francisco, please don’t make this any more difficult than it has to be, you know how I hate long goodbyes.

My heart takes me east on a new adventure. I’ll be back with you soon, relatively speaking....Please don't cry, and don't resent being brokenhearted. Many are denied the privilege. And lastly, I know it is a lot to ask, but can you please hold a place in your heart for me until I return? Preferably in a 2 bedroom apartment with a renovated kitchen and bathroom in Hayes Valley?

I don't know how to not love you, I only know how to not let you go. Goodbye San Francisco.

Warmest regards,


Ali: City By The Bay vs. The Big Apple

San Francisco Ali:</B>

1. Drinks Bud Light
2. Walks leisurely down Market to work sipping her coffee, stopping every few seconds to make sure she doesn't spill
3. Turns her nose up at pigeons, has never seen a rat (except her cute pet rat growing up, Cupcake)
4. Drinks bourbon, doesn't smoke
5. Wears jeans and a t-shirt, everyday. Doesn't own a winter coat, sticks to North Face fleece
6. Wears bright colors to match her bubbly personality
7. Appreciates special strains of crazy ranting homeless: Vietnam vets and hippy burn outs
8. Eats at fine dining establishments without wheels
9. Can’t catch a cab for the life of her
10. Feels that “street meat” is a reference to prostitutes in the Tenderloin
11. Recycles and composts
12. Bops around town in a sea of fellow blondes
13. Takes relaxing naps on BART, awaiting the gentle nudge from a fellow rider to let her know she has arrived at her stop
14. Opens doors with a pleasant smile as if to say, 'after you Madame'
15. Waits patiently on the curb for the white hand to flash before crossing the street
16. Accepting of all different people and in general is viewed as optimistic

New York Ali:

1. Drinks dirty Martini's
2. Walks fast and says "aaaaaa! I'm walkin' here!" when someone nearly bumps into her
3. Embraces rat filled streets, whilst kicking them to the curb and subsequently missing aforementioned pigeons.
4. Drinks bourbon, smokes 2+ packs a day
5. Wardrobe consists of dresses and "breathable" fabrics. Wears long trench coats in winter, retires North Face fleece.
6. Wears black, only black
7. Appreciates over privileged kids on the Upper East Side
8. Eats out of carts and loves a city that caters to people who eat meals while en route to do something more important
9. Can't get away from cabs to save her life
10. Embraces “street meat”
11. Can't find a place to recycle, so throws cans at rats on the streets
12. Sticks out in a sea of brunettes. Contemplates going dark.
13. Falls asleep on the subway only to wake up in Harlem - sans wallet, iPhone and dignity
14. Only swings the door enough to let the skinny Ali through (I've lost weight due to the smoking), plus, its all revolving doors there anyway: every man for themselves
15. Waits in the gutter with the rest of the New Yorkers and inches across the street as if she is in a game of Frogger, paying no attention to the lights
16. Just made fun of you and is cynical as F


NYC Bucket List: Your Assistance Requested

Dear Friends,

I need help. I am moving in less than 2 weeks. I have not packed and I just realized that I know nothing about NY or the entire Eastern seaboard for that matter. My friend suggested that I compile a list of things that I must do and/or see while in New York - a "NYC Bucket List" if you will. Easier said the done given my experience with the Big Apple. So, I am asking my friends to send me some ideas to create aforementioned list. Please send submissions to apfaff@sugarinc.com.

Jenna’s Submission:
1. Ride the Staten Island Ferry. There are a few well-thought motives behind this one: First, it’s free. Second, has amazing views of both the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Third, they serve $3 Tall cans of beer – Practically unheard of in NYC (I think it’s only so cheap because of some kind of boat martial law). And finally, never actually get off the ferry and land on Staten Island (ew) you just ride the boat back and forth until you’re good and drunk.

2. Brunch from noon to midnight. This is easiest to do in the East Village.

3. Join some kind of league. I preferred my Brooklyn Brew Skee Ball league for a few reasons: Fun team names: BeaSkee Boys, Cest La Skee, Bohemian RhapSkee, Monkey Skee Monkey do, etc.

Thanks in advance,


Extortion Scams Dodged, Apartment Found

Well I am happy to say, that after a lot of awkward email exchanges, dodging 3 potential extortion scams, out smarting 1 serial killer and learning the importance of a doorman, I have found an apartment.

I am now the official sub-letter of a studio apartment somewhere between Gramercy & Murray Hill on 3rd b/w 27th & 28th – I don't really know what neighborhood you would consider this, it really depends who you ask - but, it looks like Rose Hill (which I have never heard of, nor has anyone else, hoping it's like some sort of rat-less vortex).

One thing that everyone can agree on is that no matter where it is they are certain that it will smell like garbage and urine and the streets will be flooded with rats. I am happy people can come to a conclusion on something.

This 400 square feet of awesome is centrally located between business and pleasure. I can walk to work (about a mile) – though, everyone I mention that to thinks that I will lose the battle to humidity and end up taking a cab, and - more importantly - I can walk to restaurants (4-5 steps). By, "restaurants," I clearly mean bars.

And a special thanks for Ashley and Kristine for going to check out this fabulous apartment for me and helping my pull the trigger, so to speak.

Map including vortex:

My new living room:


Apartment Hunting: Trials & Tribulations with Potential Serial Killers

<span style="font-family: Helvetica Neue;">So, apartment hunting in NYC from San Francisco – not the easiest task. For starters, here are my criteria:

1 Bedroom Apartment, 1,500+ Square Feet
West Village
Tree Lined Streets
New Building
Door Man
Air Conditioning
Laundry in Unit
High Floor
Private Roof Deck

Shockingly enough, not a lot of listings are popping up on Craigslist – or at least not anything with all of the aforementioned amenities. Well, a few days ago I find something that gets pretty close to my dream NYC apartment, so I am sure you can imagine my excitement.

Emails are exchanged, lease amount and terms agreed upon, and we are moving into the final stages – all the while, my co-worker Nicole, is convinced this is a scam.

Nicole: “Ali, there is no way that is $XXX”
Ali: “Have a little faith, N...this guy seems legit”
Nicole: “Seriously Al, NY is going to eat you alive”

Next step, sending someone to see the apartment to assure Nicole that I was not getting scammed. Here’s how that went:

“Regarding your co-worker taking a look at my apartment. I am sorry I no longer allow people into my apartments unless you have signed my Booking contract and made payment. The reason is that, in the past, agents and unknown people came into my apartments, took pictures and used them for their schemes on craigslist. They are working seriously to get these faceless crooks and hand them over to the authorities.”

At this point, I am not entirely ready to give up on this guy, we had exchanged pleasantries and I was feeling that we had a real good thing going. So I email him back and explain that I wasn’t 100% comfortable signing and paying for something without being able to see it, when he sends this – his insurance policy:

“What I can assure you is that, after receiving the signed Booking form and receipt of payment from you, I will schedule an appointment for your co-worker within 24hrs for viewing. I can forward a copy of my passport for your record to stand as a guarantee so you have a facial idea of who you are dealing with. Finally, regarding payment. With all due respect, I am sorry, I do not accept checks or credit cards. I have been a victim of fake cards and dud checks in the past, which almost put me in trouble with the authorities and almost ruined my business. Since then, I have been receiving payments, only through my accountant via Western Union Money Transfer. She now takes charge of all my financial transactions, for accountability reasons and she is in charge of renovations going on, in two of my apartments in London, U.K.”

So, in short Mr. Larry Wayne, your “insurance po</span>licy” is actually quite terrifying – as well as your legal booking contract – both can be viewed below and are, in my opinion, very serial killer-esqe.


Catching Up On Correspondence, Finding Bench Warrants

<span style="font-family: Helvetica Neue; font-size: small;">You know when you haven’t checked your mail for a while and you finally go through the heaping pile of junk mail and find that special thank you card, birthday invitation or thoughtful note from your parents? Well this is not one of those stories...

So, there I am trying to get myself organized over the long weekend for my move to NYC – pay the medical bills, RSVP to weddings this summer, etc..and what do I find?

A few separate envelopes from the Merced Court – “hmm, this is strange – what could this possibly be...”

Then I remember...a few months back, I was driving back from Fresno at lightning speed, going – apparently – 98 MPH in a 65 MPH zone, where I was abruptly pulled over.

Officer: “Hello, do you know how fast you were going?”
Ali: “Not exactly, but I know it was pretty fast”
Officer: “Yeah, you were going 98, so I am going to have to give you a ticket”
Ali: “Fair enough...”
Officer: “No rebuttal?”
Ali: “No, I was really moving back there. Sorry about that”

I didn’t really have an excuse, I was REALLY putting Sarah, my 1998 Solara V4, to the test.

Anyways, as I am going through I open a pretty red one containing a bench warrant for my mandatory appearance at the Merced Court house by May 17th. I opened this on May 31st.... </span>


California – Oh, How I Will Miss: Napa Valley

This will start my series pledging my love to California. Oh, how I will miss you. So many things, so much to be thankful for....starting with Napa Valley. Note, these pictures (taken this lovely Memorial Day weekend) came with 3 wine club memberships and a love for Chardonnay I didn't know I had...

Napa Valley, I will miss you, dearly.


Ali Takes Manhattan

<span style="font-family: Helvetica Neue; font-size: small;">As I am sure some of you have heard, I am moving to NYC. Come July, I will be hanging up my North Face fleece that keeps me warm in the lovely San Francisco summer weather and exchanging it for “breathable” fabrics to accommodate the NYC humidity.

I am extremely excited for my east bound adventure and my friends have taken on the challenge of arming me with all of the information that I will need to make a seamless transition into NYC culture.

They have been doing an excellent job, here are some of the conversations that have taken place over the last couple days.

1st Floor Apartments
Ashley: “Yes, one thing you are going to want to stay away from is 1st floor apartments”
Ali: “Why? People knock on your window or something?”
Ashley: “Awww Ali, no darling...Rats...”
Ali: ‘Come again? Rats, you say? Yeah, that is definitely not going to work for me”

1st Floor Apartments Near Restaurants:
Ashley: “You are going to want to check and see if there are restaurants around if you even consider a 1st floor apartment”
Ali: “Why? Do restaurants equal more or less rats?”
Ashley: “Oh Ali....more, sweetie, more.
Ali: “Not cool man.” </span>

On Humidity:
Nicole: “Oh man you are going to love it, you know how you like dressing slutty?”
Ali: “Umm, no?”
Nicole: “Well trust me, perfect weather for that.”

<span style="font-family: Helvetica Neue; font-size: small;">Walk Up’s:
Jamie: “Just know it’s a 5th floor walk up”
Ali: “Stairs and I have had issues in the past, collar bone incident July ‘09”
Jamie: “Well this is going to really limit your options...”
Ali: “I would like an elevator in the building in the West Village, thoughts on this?”
Jamie: “Well...what’s your budget?”
Ali: “Maybe like (insert low budget here)?
Jamie: “haha, bonne chance.”

On the East Village:
Opinion 1:
Nicole: “It’s full of bars, restaurants, its kinda’ grungy, full of collegiate hipsters, peeps barfing – you are going to love it”

Opinion 2:
Jamie: “I mean, it’s fun if you want to live and party in the same place, but....when I lived here for 6 weeks there were multiple stabbings. So there is also that...”

Opinion 3:
Melissa: “Yeah, alphabet city is definitely dicey, once you pass the letters you're in the projects. So there is a higher chance of getting mugged, like, a lot higher when you’re that far east”

Opinion 4:
Carisa: “Oh yeah Als, I spent some time there...real grungy and kinda’ gives you that get me a cab ASAP feeling” </span>

<span style="font-family: Helvetica Neue; font-size: small;">On Barf:
Nicole: “It’s New York man, people will be barfing everywhere”

On Grafitti:
Ali: “Not sure how I feel about this graffiti here on the building”
Nicole: “Ali, seriously? Where do you think you are going” </span>

<span style="font-family: Helvetica Neue; font-size: small;">Tree lined streets vs. Graffiti lined streets:
Ali: “Yes, this is more my speed – see those trees? Love it. More trees, less barf.”
Nicole: “Ali, you are going to get eaten alive out there.”  

Documenting My Travels:
Ali: “I'm thinking of naming my blog, "Ali Takes Manhattan"...what should my tag line be?”
Lizzy: “Ali does Manhattan...by way of Dallas”

Roommates and/or Enablers:
Lizzy: “I should move with you”
Ali: “YES, we can get bunk beds.”
Lizzy: “YES, more space, more room for booze”
Ali: “And activities”
Lizzy: “We might die out there man”
Ali: “Agreed...I mean from the booze, not each other”</span>


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